Two deadly accidents took place in Dehiaththakandiya and Karuwalagaswewa police divisions yesterday (3) evening, just within 40 minutes, Police Media Unit told Ceylon Today Online.

An accident occurred when an SLTB (Sri Lanka Transport Board) bus collided with a tipper on Mahiyanganaya –Polonnaruwa Road in Dehiaththakandiya police division yesterday at around 6.25p.m., Police Media Unit said.

22 individuals, who were travelling in the bus and the tipper, were injured. One woman was pronounced dead upon admission to Dehiaththakandiya hospital. Another woman has been transferred to Polonnaruwa hospital for further treatments.

The bus driver and the tipper driver are amongst the injured.

Dehiaththakandiya Police is carrying out further investigations into the incident.

Meanwhile, another accident happened when a private bus attempted to overtake a hand tractor on Puttalam –Anuradhapura Road in Karuwalagaswewa police division yesterday at 7.05p.m.

Three children, four women and five men – who were travelling in the tractor- have been injured in the accident. The victims were rushed to Puttalam hospital. One man was pronounced dead upon admission to the hospital. A girl child in critical condition has been transferred to Colombo National Hospital for further treatments.

The private bus driver has been taken into police custody. Karuwalagaswewa Police is conducting further investigations into the incident.

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